Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-Party Logistics

PS Logistics has worked hard to understand our business and bring efficiency & value to our organization. This commitment to continuous improvement is evident throughout the entire organization and illustrated daily by our interaction with the PS Logistics Leadership Team. Having that top level communication channel allows us to make fact and solution-driven decisions effectively and collaboratively. Due to this collaborative partnership, we eliminate the common industry bureaucracy and move promptly to take advantage of these value gains and improvements.

Barry Gipson, Senior Director Global Logistics, MRC

Our third-party logistics professionals will save you time, money, and effort. We are experts at reducing transportation and logistics costs and increasing visibility with our best-in-class logistics technology, so your shipment can be tracked in real-time, at any time.

With an industry leading TMS, PS Logistics makes faster decision-making available to customers at the lowest cost possible. By using our third-party logistics, you can have centralized communication, a consistently low price, and quality service across the board.

Carrier Management and Procurement

PS Logistics will manage and procure carriers based on your business rules and needs. Through our discovery phase, we learn which carriers have earned your loyalty and work with them to provide a seamless transition to a 3PL. We negotiate with quality service providers in an attempt to maintain service levels, while saving you money.

Load Tendering

Our services are customized to fit your needs and objectives by any combination of price, loads per time period commitment, carrier past performance, or shipment priority. We also give you access to our TMS, which allows you to track any shipment 24/7, and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Track and Trace

In order to stay on top of your processes you need to have access to the most up-to-date shipment information. We provide this by following through with our carrier partners, and keeping our system current with pickup and delivery times for all of your shipments.

POD Retrieval

Carriers confirm payable amount and upload POD’s in order to start their payment cycle. Your customer service and sales personnel can retrieve proof of delivery documents 24/7.


By establishing good relationships with reliable carriers and communicating all potential load requirements, we will receive the most accurate cost estimation for your project, saving you money and making the entire process stress-free.


Safety and compliance is a top priority at PS Logistics. Our system interfaces are ingrained with systems developed specifically for carrier safety monitoring, which track the carrier pool daily according to the safety parameters determined by the customer. Notification of any failure of a carrier to maintain the safety parameters is sent by e-mail and the carrier is disabled in the system from further tenders.

Claims Management

The first step in the claims management process is contracting and monitoring a correctly issued Certificate of Insurance. Managing, storing, and updating the contract and Certificates of Insurance as required is accomplished through the use of existing document and data base systems.

Comprehensive Service Provider

Our TMS provides both efficiency and end-to-end visibility for all of our customers by utilizing a single data source to analyze current markets. This method reduces the manpower needed to manage multiple vendors, contracts, and insurance, while ensuring billing is streamlined and straightforward.


All third-party logistics and transportation data is provided via a single information source, making data accessibility painless and simple.

Market Analysis

Our team has multiple sources of current market pricing. This knowledge allows PS Logistics to negotiate more realistically with carriers, benchmarking the best price.


Directing billing through one source streamlines processes and cost analysis, making vendor process and billing audit stress-free.

PS Logistics drives value by providing our clients with:

  • Increased Visibility: Utilizing our 24/7 web based TMS, you can maintain complete visibility of your cargo every step of the way.
  • Risk Management: Our carrier monitoring system integrates directly with TMS and the DOT, to ensure that only the safest carriers handle your freight.
  • Continuous Improvement: Anything that is measured can be improved. We pride ourselves on our extensive custom and flexible reporting. This visibility drives change for a more efficient operation. We value standard operating procedures and always implement best practices.
  • Reduced Costs: Our team has implemented initiatives designed to reduce resources while providing less redundancy through streamlined back office support. We also drive down costs through aggregate freight spend, to leverage carriers for better market pricing.

To explore our third-party logistics (3PL) solutions further, visit TA Services.